Welcome to the Cotswold Arcadians!


Plans are already well-established for this year's production of The Winter's Tale.  A cast has been selected; grandstands and marquees booked.  Rehearsals have started.  The backstage team have had their first get-together to discuss all the exciting challenges and how we are going to master them.  Costumes need to be both colourful and 'in period'.  The set needs to identify different locations and times without the need for men-in-black making scene changes.  But that's why we do it -- because it is incredibly satisfying to craft a (very nearly 400-year-old) script into an exciting evening's entertainment for a 21st Century audience -- you, our lovely patrons!

We look forward to seeing you again at Hatherop Castle in July!  Our first night will be Monday 25 (7:30 pm) and we complete the week with both a matinee (2:30 pm) and an evening performance on Saturday 30.

The Cotswold Arcadians stage large-scale open air Shakespearean theatre productions each summer.
The Cotswold Arcadians stage large-scale open air Shakespearean productions each summer.